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Finalists Announced on December 13th


Top 10 Citizens


Vienna, Austria


Blocktricity Asset Management

Paris, France

Climate Finance


San Francisco, USA

Human Behaviour

Zürich, Switzerland

Human Behaviour


Trondheim, Norway

Human Behaviour

Edible Roofs

Zürich, Switzerland


Soap to Soap

Cairo, Egypt

Waste Management


Liège, Belgium


What Package

Tallinn, Estonia

Circular Economy


Tallinn, Estonia

Circular Economy

About the Global Awards


Why this award?

The Citizens Award rewards the most innovative and replicable way to help citizens become true participants of systemic change. Apply now, win recognition and significant prize money to make a real dent in our road to a decarbonized society.

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What you can win?

Winning proposals and finalists can receive prizes of up to €10,000, including an invitation to the Climathon Global Awards Ceremony during the ChangeNOW summit on January 31st in Paris.

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Who can participate?

Any Climathon winners between 2015 and 2019: a citizen or team considered the best of its Climathon, whether the solution is for-profit or not-for-profit.

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Finalists Announced on December 13th

Applications Closed

Citizens are the backbone of any city. In fast tracking climate action, they have a role to play and the opportunity to act. Citizens are consumers, voters, volunteers, employees, inhabitants. The choices they make in each role impact our climate. For better or for worse. 

The Citizens Award rewards the most innovative and replicable way to help citizens become true participants of systemic change. To give everyone an equal chance of winning the award, this inaugural edition of the Citizens Track is open to all winners from a Climathon between 2015 – 2019. Apply now, win recognition and significant prize money to make a real dent in our road to a decarbonised society. 

Winning proposal(s) of the Citizens Award receive:    

  • A cash prize of up to EUR 10’000 for the winner, EUR 5000 for the runner-up and EUR 2,500 for the third in place 

 All finalists receive:  

  • An invitation to Climathon Global Awards Ceremony on 31st January 2020 in Paris during the ChangeNOW summit  
  • Win a dedicated one day bootcamp to grow your idea on 30th January 2020 in Paris
  • Free entrance to the 3-day ChangeNOW summit 
  • Travel and accommodation for one person per team of semi-finalists is complementary (additional team members are more than welcome to join at their own expense) 

  • Any Climathon winners between 2015 and 2019: a citizen or team considered the best of its Climathon, whether its solution is for-profit or not-for-profit 
  • Examples of themes addressed by Climathon solutions: Mobility, Retrofitting, Circular Economy, Food, Climate Finance, Human Behaviour, Water Management, Energy, Extreme Weather and Waste Management 

The winners of the Climathon 2015 – 2019 are automatically eligible for the Climathon Global Awards. All other local projects are not admitted and will not be reviewed.  Applications open 26th October 2019. It is up to the local organisers to remind the winner to apply for the Climathon Global Awards. The winners need to complete the online application form available via to enter the competition. Applications close 17th November 2019.

All applications are reviewed by the Climathon team and independent experts from the Climathon and Climate-KIC network in line with the judging criteria listed below. We will announce the Top 10 Finalists on the 13th December 2019. You’ll be invited by email, so keep an eye on your inbox! 

For the selection of ideas jury members take the following criteria into account: 

1. Transformative potential (30%) 

  • Does the solution offer something unique and innovative that challenges conventional thinking or systems?  
  • Has the solution been tried before? 
  • Does the solution address a core need, rather than solving an already existing problem? 
  • Has the solution been designed with a systemic, integrated approach in mind? 
  • Does the solution have the potential for impact outside the city boundaries?  
  • Does the solution interact with local/regional city plans, policy or legislation or vice versa?  
  • Could the solution be used/ benefitted by 10 billion people?   

2. Social and environmental value potential (15%) 

  • Is the solution relevant to the Sustainable Development Goal number 13 on Climate Action, at a minimum?  
  • Does the solution have the potential to significantly avoid or reduce C02 emissions? 
  • Does the solution contribute to increasing the resilience of cities to climate-related disasters? 
  • Is the solution inclusive of less active or knowledgeable communities in addressing climate action?  
  • Does the solution have the potential to create employment opportunities?  
  • Does it have a long term social benefit for citizens?

3. Commercialisation potential (15%) 

  • Does the solution have a significant addressable market? 
  • Does the solution have a viable revenue or fundraising model? 
  • Does the solution have high growth and scalability potential? 
  • Did the team identify ways to market the solution? 

4. Operational viability (20%) 

  • Is the timing right for the team to solve the problem they are addressing with the solution? 
  • Is the solution’s defensibility convincing? (i.e. Why won’t an existing “demand owner” or company do this? Why can the team do better or faster?) 
  • Did the team identify and address potential barriers to (market) entry? 
  • Did the team identify major product and business development milestones to launch and grow their solution? 
  • Did the team identify regulatory approvals and have a plan to protect intellectual property? 

5. Team capability (10%) 

  • Did the team show indication of high commitment? 
  • Does the team have relevant domain experience given the problem they are trying to solve? 
  • Does the team have any prior entrepreneurial experience? 
  • Did the team identify key roles that may need to be hired for soon? 
  • Does the team intend to involve advisers and external experts to introduce the solution? 

6. Pitch quality (10%) 

  • Did the team present a compelling story to the audience? 
  • Did the team address the why, how and what of their solution? 
  • Did the team make their solution understandable to a layperson? 

The Top 10 finalists get the opportunity to travel to Paris for the Climathon Global Awards that takes place at the ChangeNOW conference on the 31st January 2020. Please note: your travels will be offset (not the whole event!).

Prior to the Climathon Global Awards, all top 10 finalists get the chance to participate in a two-day start-up bootcamp at the end of which the jury evaluates the finalists and chooses the winners of the Citizens Track.

A detailed agenda for the summit and bootcamp will follow closer to the date.

Travel and accommodation will be arranged once the Top 10 semi-finalists have confirmed.  

For one person/team the travel to/from Paris as well as accommodation in Paris is complementary. Please note that you need to have a valid passport and visa. If other team members would like to join, they can do so on their own time and expense. 

Arrival in Paris will be 29th January 2020. Earliest departure possible after the Climathon Global Awards on the 31st January 2pm. Accommodation will be booked for from the 29th January – 31st January 2020. Further details on travel and accommodation will be provided closer to the date. 

In order to accept any of the awards presented at Climathon Global Awards, you will be required to sign an award letter issued by EIT Climate-KIC or ETH Zurich for the Citizen Award and Cities Award, respectively.

The award letters will further specify the terms and conditions of acceptance, which will include reporting and impact assessment obligations, among others. All awards will be paid out in one instalment within a reasonable time period after EIT Climate-KIC or ETH Zurich have received an executed copy of the award letter.

About the Organisers


Europe’s largest public-private partnership with the purpose to tackle climate change through innovation united by a commitment to direct the power of creativity and human ingenuity at the climate change challenge.


An interdisciplinary research group at ETH Zurich developing a fundamental and holistic understanding of global-scale ecology in order to understand and address climate change.